You have probably come to this page because you would like to help by offering your services in a direct and practical way. I can empathies with you, because I had the same thoughts some 15 years ago. My first thought was to go to Ethiopia, but as fate willed it, I ended up first in Kadambogachi, West Bengal and my only regret was that I could have done more.

Sishmon Foundation is planning to establish a community based care with a network of local volunteers providing direct individual care and support. It has some very basic accommodate for visitors and short term volunteers and if you are willing to totally finance yourself (Airfares, Insurance, food etc.) and could help fund raising the children would be grateful for your assistance.

- Dr. Sankar Shil

Dr. Yunus, the Nobel Laureate from Bangladesh, has seen a sharp reduction in poverty rate in recent years with the help of Micro Credit and other initiatives. "If this can be done in our country, it can be done in any other country" he said.


is a Volunteer Organization and a charitable institute of the society. After the death of our mother and father, Sishubala Shil and Monoranjan Shil on 03rd, February 1995 and 14th, November 2002 respectively, we decided to lay a foundation in remembrance of our parents. So on 07th, July 2004 we laid the foundation of SISHMON CHARITY named it after Sishubala and Monoranjan Shil for the welfare of deprived children.

We take initiatives towards the deprived children's education, physical fitness and self dependence. The foundation is Government recognized with Registration No. (S/1L- 38819 of 2006-07) in the name of the volunteer & charitable organization SISHMON CHARITABLE FOUNDATION on 25th, August 2006, with a Certificate of Registration of Societies, West Bengal act XXVI of 1961 in the form No. 264.

Sishmon charity foundation is dedicated to providing care to orphan and abandoned children. We believe in providing homes that have a loving family environment as well as caring for all physical and educational needs. Our vision is to care for and work together with relatives thus helping support Families. Sishmon charity foundation is committed to building long-term community benefits. Our vision is to bring relief to the families where it is needed most.

Sishmon Charity Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected children in remote communities. It has been our experience that humanitarian relief seldom reaches the distant areas or village members, yet sometimes they are the ones who need it most. Through experience, planning and careful research, we identify areas where change can be made through a little sacrifice and great vision. We visit these areas and assess the local needs and we work with the people and other volunteers to build a more sustainable life and future, by providing necessary skills training, education and the required facilities.

We spend quality time with the children

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