Haripado see a new life

Haripada Shil, living in Kanchrapara village under the sub-division Kalyani in district Nadia had two daughters Jaya and Tama aged six and four, respectively. He used to work as daily wager while wife and both daughters worked in neighboring houses as maid-servants to meet their daily needs.
Considering their present position we gave Haripada Shil two milch cows which were purchased on August 15th 2004 from local market with Rs. 10,000/-
He started selling milk and cow dung cake to neighbors. Also, we helped Jaya and Tama get admission in the nearby primary school. We purchased books and stationeries accordingly for each of the two sisters. As a result, both children are going to school regularly. Their parents are earning and maintaining their family.

Pujo Gift for kids

Durga puja is one of the biggest festivels in west bengal. all the people, accross the state use to busy in getting pleasure out of it. But there are same people to whom festive itself has no meaning for the poverty. So, we decided last year to give some cloths to the children of the slum areas of Barasat and shaymnagar. We gave new cloths and same snacks nearly fifty childran in the festive season. We hired a bus for same hours and took thosechildren to same of the famous puja mandap.
Among the fifty childran, Bimal and kamal were the two who were very happy to get new cloths and to visit so many pandals like others.

Build up a primary School

We have started a school in a rented house at Rs.300/- per month. Also, we have hired two teachers at Rs.2000/- per month; purchased 25 sets of required books (Adarshalipi, English 1st book {word book}, Dharapath etc.), slates with pencils, school bags and uniforms and distributed among them. The local female teacher collected them everyday from their home. The school started at 11 a.m. About 3 p.m., we arranged for tiffin, every day the items were different to avoid monopoly like rice, dal, vegetable, banana, chapatti, egg, etc. for five days a week within the cost of Rs. 7/- per day per child. We arranged for water and toilet for those children.

Farm Development
Sishmon Foundation feels that the farm has great potential and will become an integral part of Sishmon Foundation activities in West Bengal. It is also realized that the farm’s development is a significant undertaking, but the benefits to the children, local community and Sishmon Foundation is also significant. The major benefits are:

Give them a new life

We build a orphanage for the children in Barasat, We hired a house where eight orphan children at present are living. we are giving them food, cloths and shelters to survive. Besides that, we are trying to introduce them with the alphabets so that they can be self dependent in future. This is why, we send them in our newly build primary school. we provide them books, stationaries and uniforms. We also arrange a programme where we take these unfortunate children to zoo or national Museum once or twice in a year for some to provide some recreation.

Help to poor family

We arranged a campaign to help the poor family last year. we organised a medical campaign for the people who are living below the poverty line and can not got themselves availod with the medical treatment. Afetr a through check-up. We gave those patients medicines and food. Subhasis, a corpenter, living in Nodia, has two sons along with his aged mother. His mother was suffering from serious health problem. He was the only earning member of the family. So, He failed to bear the dedical expenditure. Even, he could not go for a medical check-up of his mother and gave them dedicines. As his mother was suffering from a serious health problem, so we helped Subhasish to raise a fund in order to get his mother admitted into the hospita for treatment. Like Subhasish, many poor families had come and take the benefit of a week long free medical campaign.


You have probably come to this page because you would like to help by offering your services in a direct and practical way. I can empathies with you, because I had the same thoughts some 15 years ago. My first thought was to go to Ethiopia, but as fate willed it, I ended up first in Kadambogachi, West Bengal and my only regret was that I could have done more.
Sishmon Foundation is planning to establish a community based care with a network of local volunteers providing direct individual care and support. It has some very basic accommodate for visitors and short term volunteers and if you are willing to totally finance yourself (Airfares, Insurance, food etc.) and could help fund raising the children would be grateful for your assistance.
Sishmon Foundation does not wish to discourage anyone from helping, as help is desperately needed. At the moment, raising money for food, blankets, medicine, school books etc. would be the best way to help, this will improve the life's of the children and will show that someone does care.
If you have got this far you may be agreeing or not, but still have a burning desire to be there I can understand this and though Sishmon Foundation does not have the support structure to fund long or short term volunteers, there are many organizations that do. There are just a few below.
On a personal note, if you could find it in your heart to do a little fund raising for Sishmon Foundation we will ensure that the money will directly help the poor and orphaned children of Bengal, and don't think your efforts and contributions are valued any less because you are not there in person.

Dr. Sankar C. Shil
Together Helping Does Make a Difference