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Free School
We have build up a free school for poor children.

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SISHMON CHARITY FOUNDATION will like to take these steps in future

  • To provide primary education to more poor, distressed and non-school going children. Thus the neglected child will be educated and the number of uneducated & illiterate will decrease.

  • Medical treatment for children and their family members through Allopathic or Homeopathic way after contract with the nearest doctors. To keep their residing place neat and clean and teach them importance of cleanliness.

  • Various types of practical works which are related with financial improvement of the locality with a view to make them self dependent.
  • » To supply them sewing machines.
    » To implement cow & goat milk projects.
    » To provide training in cottage & handicraft products.
    » To help in making flower garlands as the demand of markets.
    » To help in making paper packets as per requirement of local bazaars.

  • To increase the financial solvency of the family members as well as the locality who are unemployed and jobless, expecting to do any job/work with the help of financial support.

  • To help the homeless people by making and renovating their residence in different area.

  • To supply pure drinking water among the people by installing tube well in the locality.

  • To install bathroom, latrine & drains for keeping neat and clean area.