Our Mission

Mission Vision & Values

The mission of Sishmon Foundation is to serve the needs of poor and orphaned children and to equip them with the skills, knowledge, opportunity and self assertiveness required for them to live independently in society as opposed to poor children entering adulthood surviving on hand outs. The essential needs include nutrition, education, parental love, security, religious guidance, and opportunity for a brighter future.

The entire Sishmon Foundation ministry strives to provide real hopes, dreams and plans for the future of the poor children. The mission of Sishmon Foundation is to confront the growing poor children and orphanage crisis by establishing orphanage homes that the children would call "Houses of God" where they receive a parental and godly upbringing.

Sishmon Foundation currently supports just over 18 children in West Bengal, India displaced from Bangladesh. Together we are the doors of hope for the poor and orphaned children and their communities. May God bless you and minister to your needs as you meet the needs of those in distress.

Sishmon Foundation has the following objectives in fulfilling its mission

  • Provision of basic needs of shelter, food, security and health care for the children
  • Facilitating nursery, primary (junior school) and secondary (high school) education for the children
  • Providing skills in home economics, woodwork and agricultural skills for the personal development of the children and other disadvantaged people
  • Provision of educational, recreational and other social resources
  • To foster and facilitate spiritual growth
  • Areas required to make each established Home self sustained include the following

  • Construction of a dormitory and kitchen for children to reside in
  • Pre-School construction for children, also open to the public at a fee which would assist meet operational costs
  • Private clinic and home nursing care
  • Tailoring & Design Facilities
  • Carpentry Workshop
  • Ongoing sponsorship of children to primary (junior school) and secondary (high school) education
  • Provision of educational, religious, recreational and other social resources
  • Purchase of farm size land for serving nutrition and residential needs
  • Our Work Depends on Your Donations
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