Champpa Mugai

I survive with help of Sishmon Charity Foundation who gifted me and my baby a new life. - Champpa Mugai

A Child is the future of a Nation!!!

If we want to care for a child, we must be careful about their growth (weight plus height); this will make the base of the child to develop his/her sound future. Therefore, it is our duty to look after the new born children and their mothers.

Education is the basic right of any child. It is the duty of our society to help the child develop mentally and physically. It is the duty of our society to help the child develop mentally and physically. A child should be protected from exploitation and should be helped in growth of morality, good conduct and sound health.

Spending on a child's health, nutrition, education, social, emotional and cognitive development and achieving gender equality is not only an investment in a more democratic and a more equitable society, but it is also an investment in a healthier, more literate and, ultimately, more productive Nation.

Ms. Sham Poo said, “Dreams for our children are remarkably universal and it is in this universal dream that UNICEF believes our pathway to a more peaceful world resides”. It requires us to invest in the simple dreams we hold in commonóbut in a more visibly, powerfully, inclusively, and in tempo with local needs.

SISHMON CHARITY FOUNDATION is a Volunteer Organization and a charitable institute of the society which works towards the welfare, education, physical fitness and self dependence of the less privileged children. Sishmon Charity is also working towards the increase in the financial solvency of the locality as well as the family members who are unemployed and jobless, expecting to do any job/work with the help of financial support.

But we need your help to make a better future of these less privileged children. Come forward and join hands with us. Together we can make a difference.