Our Work Plan

Sishmon Foundation feels that the farm has great potential and will become an integral part of Sishmon Foundation activities in West Bengal. It is also realized that the farmís development is a significant undertaking, but the benefits to the children, local community and Sishmon Foundation is also significant. The major benefits are...

  • Food production to supplement charity purchased food for the growing canters.
  • Child development. Children's pre-school education and skills training.
  • Centre for the Provision of children's health care and education.
  • Local employment opportunities.
  • Community centre.
  • Support to Sishmon Foundation's self sufficiency long term programme.
  • Farm Development Plan

    Sishmon Foundation has outlined the major elements in ten phases for the development of the farm. No time scale has been attached to the programme as plans will entirely depend on the level of funding available to meet all Sishmon Foundation activities. To realize any one of the Phase necessary serious money and can't go forward until sponsorship is obtained.

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    Phase # Plan Infrastructure
    1. Limited crop production
    2. Identification of children in need (On going)
    3. Start feeding programme
    Humanitarian Food and care program (On going)
    1. Employ security staff (Completed)
    2. Demarcation of long building into:
  • Office(Completed)
  • Outside toilets(Completed)
  • Kitchen
  • Play school
  • Main store
  • Areas for rabbit production
  • Areas for chicken production
  • Areas for goat production
  • Employment
    1. Employ school teachers, and administration (Completed)
    2. Employ farm workers
    3. Start school(Completed)
    4. Start small scale rabbit production
    5. Start small scale chicken production
    6. Start small scale goat production
    7. Start small scale vegetable plot
    Sishmon Foundation's Self Sufficiency
    1. Hedge perimeter of farm
    2. Mains water and electricity to site
    3. Build farm managers house
    4. Employ manager and additional farm workers
    5. Install irrigation system
    6. Increase scale of rabbit, goats and chicken production
    7. Increase crop production
    8. Build secure building for truck
    9. Buy a small truck
    Sishmon Foundation's Self Sufficiency
    1. Build a training cum educational unit and a library
    2. Increase teaching staff
    1. Build a wholesale outlet
    2. Employ staff to run wholesale outlet (via Sishmon Foundation's network)
    Local Self Sufficiency
    7 Build a clinic (staffed from Sishmon Foundation's circuit) Health
    1. Acquire additional land
    2. Build additional stores
    9 Mechanizations Productivity

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